Episode 2.18: Blind Drawerbox Dig

January 20, 2011 under Podcasts

Join me as I discover what possible gems may exist in a Drawerbox that I haven’t cracked open in a while.  Also I reveal my geek related loot from my birthday.

Intro and Outro music by Viaceslav Svedov – “Desert Eagle” and “Voodoo Power” and many others can be viewed on his Youtube page.

Episode 2.16: The Hank Pym Retrospective, Part Two

September 25, 2010 under Podcasts

Wrapping up our look at the long and storied history of Hank Pym, founding Avenger. From Kurt Busiek and George Perez Avengers relaunch to present day.

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Episode 2.15: The Hank Pym Retrospective, Part One

September 16, 2010 under Podcasts

The first in a planned two part retrospective on the history of Hank Pym, founding father of the Avengers. Join me for a look at back at this character’s history, warts and all.

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