Episode 2.19: Best of the Rack 2010

January 30, 2011 under Podcasts

It’s that time once again… time to see what comics managed to stay on Just Bill’s Favorite Comics Rack throughout 2010!  Which publisher leads the pack?  What previous Rack-worthy series have returned?  What new titles have graced the rack in 2010?  Listen in to find out the answers to these questions and more!

[Note: Some issues of Detective Comics featuring Batwoman also made the rack this year, but due to the fact that this episode was done TWICE, it was accidentally skipped and omitted during the actual recording.]

Episode 2.10: Lazy Readers II – The Elitists Strike Back

May 20, 2010 under Podcasts

The sequel to Episode 68 of the Drawerbox, we revisit the concept of a Lazy Reader and how comic fans can be blamed for the woes of the industry. From the 11 o’clock message boards to Steve Harris on Twitter, the concept of Lazy Readers rears its ugly head once more. Also more Supershow talk, a return to DCBS, FCBD 2010, IRON MAN 2, and finally the BLACK PANTHER cartoon that we’re still waiting to see in America… well most of us. And finally we wrap up with a RECENT READS segment that includes my personal history with SAVAGE DRAGON, and what I’ve thought of Erik Larsen over the years, DOCTOR WHO: TIME MACHINATIONS (IDW), CHEW Vol 1 TPB (Image), BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33 (DC), MIGHTY AVENGERS #36 (final issue,Marvel), SIEGE #4 (Marvel), DARK AVENGERS 16 (Marve, final issue), FLASH #1 (DC), S.H.I.E.L.D #1 (Marvel), RICHARD STARK’S PARKER the HUNTER (IDW), ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ULTIMATE COLLECTION Vol 2 (Marvel), and finally the FCBD IRON MAN/THOR one shot (Marvel). Whew!

Music : “Thunder Chicken” – The Mighty Imperials