Episode 2.19: Best of the Rack 2010

January 30, 2011 under Podcasts

It’s that time once again… time to see what comics managed to stay on Just Bill’s Favorite Comics Rack throughout 2010!  Which publisher leads the pack?  What previous Rack-worthy series have returned?  What new titles have graced the rack in 2010?  Listen in to find out the answers to these questions and more!

[Note: Some issues of Detective Comics featuring Batwoman also made the rack this year, but due to the fact that this episode was done TWICE, it was accidentally skipped and omitted during the actual recording.]

Episode 2.14 – Baltimore Comic Con 2010 and other Musings

September 9, 2010 under Podcasts

Part 1 – The Baltimore Comic Con has come and gone for another year and in the first part of this episode I share my thoughts on this year’s con.

Part 2 – Ramblings and musings on THE UNIQUES, GUNS OF SHADOW VALLEY, THE LOSERS (comics and film), RED ROBIN, BATGIRL (including a response to WFTT podcast in which I ramble on incessantly about the history of Stephanie Brown and why Batman is (was?) a dick), FABLES, QUEEN & COUNTRY, and the finale to WORLD WAR HULK.

Episode 2.6: November Recap

December 13, 2009 under Podcasts

Recapping the highs and lows from the month of November including the sudden passing of Eric Martin, the Trek to Wild Pig, and birthdays and Black Friday.  Also I look at the ULTIMATE WATCHMEN DVD and rank my favorite STAR TREK movies.

The RECENT READS for this episode are:

  • Nova #30
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #19
  • Incredible Hercules #136 and 137
  • Avengers Initiative #29
  • Booster Gold #25
  • Recent issues from the Superman Family of books
  • X-Factor #50
  • Dark Reign, the List: X-Men
  • Punisher #11
  • Batgirl #2-4
  • Mighty Avengers #30
  • Star Wars Legacy Volume 2: Shards
  • 1985 tpb
  • Irredeemable Vol. 1 tpb

Episode 2.3: Asterios Polyp and the Nobody

September 26, 2009 under Podcasts

In this episode the main focus is on David Mazzuccheli’s Asterios Polyp and also a second look at Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody.

Then in the Recent Reads segment, a look at:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #600
  • Captain America Reborn #2
  • Flash Rebirth #4
  • Batman and Robin #2 & 3
  • Fantastic Four #570
  • Incredible Hulk #601
  • Batgirl #1
  • Adventure Comics #
  • GoTG #17
  • Nova 28
  • War of Kings #6
  • Blackest Night #2
  • Green Lantern #45
  • Blackest Night Batman #1
  • Green Lantern Corps #39
  • Blackest Night Superman #1